22 bento boxes or an experience as a whole in a bowl at the Bentokado restaurant in Berlin

Box and bowl: Sushi in a bento experience. © Bentokado

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Food news are good news! This not only applies always and everywhere, but especially in times like these in Berlin. When the basic foodstuffs of Japanese cuisine are added to this principle, rice in general and Koshihikari in particular, then the basis for a good mood is created, because it pleases the stomach. But it is the right mix ​​that counts, to say the distinctive mix: ah, yes, bento!

A bento is a meal that consists of different components. No wonder that a Japanese chef is considered a composer, because like him, he puts something together. If this is done in the classic way placing it in a small box made of lacquered wood to keep the hot dishes warm, then this may be called: bento box. Once upon a time, small compartments in this bento box were filled with rice, vegetables, both pickled and cooked, fish and meat. It goes without saying that the bento box was taken away. The clever idea with the bento box was cultivated, celebrated and refined until it became a fine art of waiters in Osaka. However, the bento box was also messed up. Bad food in simple containers was considered as “rail station bento”.

The Bentokado offers bento boxes to take away, yes, they are even delivered, as well as nice poke bowls with good dishes.

Take a look: a corner of the Bentokado dining room in Berlin. © Bentokado

However, anyone who sets out to dine in the Bentokado on Eberswalder Strasse is not only sitting in a pleasant atmosphere in a modern dining room with a separate one, but can also enjoy the fresh food and drinks straight away. We can recommend the “Signature Homemade” of Bentokado.

Avocado Smoothie © Bentokado

First of all a homemade mixed drink called avocado smoothie, in between a corn milk and as the crowning conclusion of a meal in the Berlin restaurant Bentokado a special pudding with coconut coffee or the very special dessert called “Bentokado Dessert Special” made of jasmine tea, brewed with ginger and “topped with sweet Tofu and Jelly ”.

From the menu we praise both the miso and ramen. And then? A bento box! One of 22 bento boxes! There is no question to support also the beautiful bowls with the good dishes, because they are an experience that leaves no wishes. You can treat yourself to that and the bento boxes in the restaurant


Address: Eberswalder Str. 5, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Contact: Telephone: +493062900900

Web: bentokado.de

Dress code: none. Recommendation: from casual to sporty elegant.

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