Laila Biali is currently on tour in Germany – opening at the Berlin jazz club A-Trane

Laila Biali. © Laila Biali, Credits: Julia Hembree, August 13, 2019

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). On Thursday, April 21, 2022, Laila Biali began this year’s tour of Germany, which is part of her spring tour through one or the other European country. The pianist and singer from Canada did not arrive in Berlin alone. She had a double bass player and drummer by her side. The drummer, she emphasized at the Berlin jazz club A-Trane, which was sold out to the last seat, is also her husband. Drum roll!

I emphasize that the multi-award-winning Canadian singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso has attended a handful of jazz festivals and performed on many stages, both at Carnegie Hall in New York City and at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, there by the way, alongside Gordon Summer, better known as Sting.

In 2019, Laila Biali won a Juno, Canada’s most valuable music award, in the category “Vocal Jazz Album of the Year”, to name just one of several awards she has received. She was previously known to a wide jazz audience in northern North America, above the 49th parallel, for hosting CBC Music’s Canadian Royal radio show entitled “Saturday Night Jazz.” Because the show was only on air once a week, there was time to write more songs and develop that distinctive blend of masterfully performed jazz and pop with virtuosity and unpredictability. The result was the album “Out of Dust”, which was released on March 27, 2020.

She sings even performs songs from it on her tour of Germany, but also one or the other older piece on demand. Have fun wishing and listening.

Tour dates Laila Biali 2022 in Germany

  • 23.4. Stuttgart, BIX Jazz Club
  • 26.4. Fulda, Schlosstheater (Fürstensaal)
  • 27.4. Munich, jazz club Unterfahrt
  • 29.4. Bremen, Jazzahead! GALA (Die Glocke)
  • 5.5. Cologne, Altes Pfandhaus
  • 6.5. Horn-Bad Meinberg, Red Horn District


The above article by Ole Bolle was published in WELTEXPRESS German on April 23, 2022 and transfered by Christopher Prescott for WELTEXPRESS English.

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