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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). WELTEXPRESS is an international, multilingual premium information portal. Founded in spring 2004 by Stefan Pribnow, WELTEXPRESS started with a German, English and Portuguese edition. A Portuguese colleague, Joaquim Braga, had the original idea of creating an international online newspaper, and he suggested the name. Over the years, WELTEXPRESS has expanded from an online news source to a premium information portal with four main sections: News, Magazine, Radio and TV.

We currently publish news from around the world in ten different languages. The German language edition is updated around the clock, several times a day. Updates are also made to the English editions on a daily basis. The French, Spanish and Russian sections are updated regularly – generally bi-monthly.

With its editions, WELTEXPRESS reaches an audience of millions – and we are still growing.

WELTEXPRESS is rightly proud of its team of experienced journalists, both freelance and full-time, who write on a broad range of subjects (see our current List of authors writing for WELTEXPRESS). Well-known photo-journalists also contribute regularly to WELTEXPRESS. In addition to our written articles, we have audio and TV journalists as well as full TV production teams reporting from hot-spots around the world especially for WELTEXPRESS TV and WELTEXPRESS radio.

Moreover, WELTEXPRESS obtains regular print, image, audio and video reports from several major agencies.

We also have access to information from specialist press and information agencies and editorial bureaux. We also research countless sources and are constantly expanding our own network of correspondents and WELTEXPRESS home offices.

WELTEXPRESS is an open, public portal offering top-quality, well-informed journalistic reporting across a wide spectrum of fields and categories. In our Newspaper section we publish up-to-date information on topics from politics, business, science and culture to sport. These news reports are fleshed out in complementary pieces in our Panorama and Regional sections. All our Newspaper sections feature numerous sub-sections where information is organized specifically to facilitate easy navigation. And to round off our multi-media information programme, there is a liveticker with breaking news and news headlines for those in a hurry.

Our Journal section is divided up into the following sub-headings: Eat and Drink, Technology, Leisure, Travel, Fashion and Cars.

Our users – that is, readers, listeners and viewers – are counted among the top echelons of society, the well-off, educated classes. For this reason we eschew tabloid-style reportage, orienting WELTEXPRESS content and quality towards a discerning audience who genuinely want to find out more about the world they live in.

On the German site alone, WELTEXPRESS currently attracts around 200,000 Unique User and approx.

  • Data for the German edition of WELTEXPRESS
  • Status of the data: 2024-01-20
  • User per month (30 days): about 219,452
  • Average length of stay: approx. 4 – 5 minutes

Across all our language versions we have around 300,000 Unique User.

We have around 350,000 users a month with our newsletters and social media channels.

Employees working on our German edition are based in our WELTEXPRESS head office in Berlin as well as our Bonn editorial office. We also have employees working from their home offices around the country, from Hamburg and Düsseldorf to Frankfurt and Munich.

For the WELTEXPRESS international language versions, our network extends from San Francisco, New York and London via Madrid, Paris and Warsaw, to Moscow, Istanbul and Tel Aviv, as well as Beijing in the Far East. We are constantly increasing our pool of contributing journalists around the world, and as new language versions are started up, we will continue to expand our comprehensive range of news and information that we offer to our users.

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