David Gwodzik (author of Weltexpress) – Journalist, Travel & Media Consultant, Sports Psychologist, Author

David Gwodzik © David Gwodzik

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). No stranger to the world, David is a cosmopolitan with roots in several countries. Having joined Weltexpress International in 2005 as an English editor, he writes on diverse subjects with ample experience – culture, tourism, fine dining, health, sports, etc.

With several postings in the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dhahran), Asia (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore) and Europe (Munich, Vienna, Berlin, Vicenza, Naples), David was involved in film production, commercials, event management – fashion, sport and outdoor media advertising.

As a practicing psychologist and mental coach for professional sports – management and players, he utilizes an eclectic approach in optimizing motivation – performance standards through flow coaching strategies.

David’s recent contribution to the sports industry involve research and development in improving multi-cultural understanding between management and players – including the fan base as it pertains to racism issues.

Additional projects in Asia include promoting emerging travel destinations by representing hotels/resorts with online news, media – video, TV and radio broadcasting.

Weltexpress International provides the perfect balance for David’s expertise – developing and promoting journalism, client representation and media – event strategies.

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