Pfiat di 2017 at the most Bavarian of all Berlin New Year’s Eve parties – New Year’s Eve at the Hofbräu Berlin

Silvester Party Hofbräu München
New Year 2017: Party! In Hofbräu München - Wirtshaus Berlin. © Hofbräu Munich

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The capital of the Hohenzollern Germans, the old capital of the Kingdom and Free State of Prussia is and remains the most popular metropolis in Europe on New Year’s Eve. Berlin is basically the whole year round a celebration capital of the world. Right, Berlin is still pretty sexy and many Berliners are also super rich. Some media make it a metropolis of millionaires. For years, there are well over a million millionaires in Germany and many of them not only have a suitcase in Berlin, but also an apartment.

New Year’s Eve parties in Berlin

Some of them are expected to celebrate New Year’s Eve with millions of others again. For years, the hottest celebration takes place at Brandenburger Tor . Close behind it is likely to follow the New Year’s Eve party in Hofbräu München – Wirtshaus Berlin. Within walking distance of Alexanderplatz, the Berliner Wirtshaus offers hearty meals 365 days a year, original Hofbräu beer from Munich, live music and waiters dressed in traditional costumes: In 2017, in 2018, and best of all, of course, from 2017 to 2018. Great!

New Year’s Eve at the Hofbräu Berlin

Anyone who wants to end the year in Berlin heartily and have a swell time on the way to 2018, should be in good hands in the Berlin Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. Here they offer a Bavarian New Year’s Eve party with a large gala buffet, joyful live music and donuts as a midnight snack. For 49 Euro per person you can look forward to even “more surprises”.
“Pfiat di” on the New Year’s Eve Party 2017 in the Hofbräu Berlin!

Christopher Prescott based on a text by Ole Bolle.

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