Faults and misjudgement by the referee, the goalkeeper and others – FC Bayern München plays 2-2 against Real in Madrid and is eliminated from the Champions League

Watching football in the Hofbräu München, Wirtshaus Berlin as it is: return leg in the semi-finals of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Bayern München © 2018, Miinzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow

Madrid, Spain; Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Out of dozens of throats at Hofbräu München, Wirtshaus Berlin, where the return leg in the semi-finals of the Champions League (CL) between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich was shown on May 1, words such as hand and toched or penalty were uttered: but neither goal, line or main referee reacted. Sheesh!

How can referee Cüneyt Cakir in the first half overlook, during a cross by Joshua Kimmich, a clear hand-held by the Real defender Marcelo that for hundreds of visitors to the Berlin inn in which Hofbräu is served, was more then obvious? Were the referees blind or paid for behaving to be blind on this evening of May 1?

Even Marcelo admitted to having touched the ball with his hand after the game. “The ball touched my hand” in the penalty area, “said the Madrileño, admitting:” That was a penalty.” Marcelo told the truth. That honours him, but does not change this glitch.

The weak referee from Turkey could have given penalties two or three times but he did not give a single one. That was one of the reasons for the ousting of the German Masters in Madrid.

The incredible mishaps of the alleged impartial were only outdone by the mishaps of the players of Bayern. The defence was not be seen at the first goal of the Royals and also at the second the back pass from Corentin Tolisso to the goalkeeper was total crap and what Sven Ulreich showed clumsy high three. The blunder of Ullreich was also a reason why the dream of the Triple burst.

It was annoying that the FCB played with only ten men from the beginning, or did anybody at some point during the match take notice of Striker Robert Lewandowski? Without serious and effective attackers you cannot win. Only after the end of the semi-finals for Bayern did you see the Pole sitting in sad shape on the lawn of the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Lewandowski already in the first leg missed two big opportunities and in the second leg at least blundered once.

Bayern gave away the first leg 1:2, even though they developed lots of opportunities, while Real Madrid scored two goals from only three or four possibilities, which is another reason. Effort and earnings are not in a favourable relationship at Bayern München.

Quite a different case with Real, that is in third time in a row for the final of the CL.

Neither Lewandowski nor Ulreich nor even Cakir however should serve as scapegoats. It was once again the set up as a whole that decided the outcome of a soccer match. In big games you need big goalkeepers and big strikers. Ulreich and Lewandowski and other Bayern players are only suitable for the championship in the Bundesliga, not for the championship in the Champions League. Or maybe for the German Cup May 19: wait to see WELTEXPRESS!

* * *

Christopher Prescott based on a text by Ralf-Rüdiger Okudera.

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