Hofbräu Berlin – Dance into May

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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Traditionally the Hofbräu Berlin showcases a wonderful event – Dance into May or Tanz in den Mai, the “Wonnemonat” the merry month of May, where the special Maibock or May beer is served.
No other month excites Germans more than the month of delight. Getting together and dancing in the fabulous month is exactly what Hofbräu Berlin will be doing.

The HB party band, Flottn3er will get your dance legs rocking. Along with special guest Jay Khan, the fun-filled tradition Tanz in den Mai will be a memorable German experience.

The event takes place 30 April 2019, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Only 10,00 Euro per person – you can’t afford to miss the excitement.
To ensure a great table you can contact the reservation office – call 030 6796 65520 or go on-line, reservierung@berlin-hofbraeu.de

Located near Alexanderplatz get ready to dance, enjoy hearty Bavarian dishes and sample the Maibock – May beer.

Auf Gehts!

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