Bavarian beer garden curling comes to the midst of Berlin

Curling lane at a beer garden in the centre of the capital. © Hofbräu München Wirtshaus Berlin

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). A curling rink at a beer garden in Bavaria may not be something special in winter. But certainly it is unusual in the middle of Berlin and makes curling to an attraction.

Curling originated in the Nordic countries or the Netherlands. But it has been popular in Germany for a long time as well, and was an Olympic sport for the first time at the 1936 winter games held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The Bavarian Alps where also the setting of the first European Championship in 1954 that also took place in the town below the Zugspitze.

The game is to be played on ice. As a rule, a 24.5-meter track (sic!) Is sufficient, as it marks the distance between the player’s point of play and the central cross in the finish field. So say regulations.

In Berlin, let’s be honest: everything is different. The length is short, very short. For this purpose, two lanes were set up in the beer garden of the Hofbräu München Wirtshaus Berlin. Want to say: the joy of plastic and elastic is twice as big. The tracks are not made of ice, true enough.

The season began November 15 and curling is on from 3pm and 10pm every day until December 22. The last round starts at 9pm.
According to the proprietor of the two lanes, stated by the website Eisstock Berlin as the Teamgeist GmbH from Potsdam, renting a curling rink costs “from 119 Euro incl. 19% VAT”. That’s the “price per hour and lane (including 8 curling clubs and stave)”.

A proud price! On the other hand, it’s a nice way to celebrate Xmas with colleagues, curling as first course then merrymaking with the great beers and good things to eat at the Wirtshaus Berlin Hofbräu München.

Christopher Prescott based on a text written by Ole Bolle.

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