Bathing in any weather – Either indoor or outdoor – Soon everyday will be a “Tropical-Island-Day”

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Krausnick, Brandenburg, Germany (Weltexpress). Bathing in Brandenburg? Of course that is perfectly possible in one of the numerous lakes around here. When the weather is becoming uncomfortable and gets cold, swim sport and bathing pleasure are moved inside the hall. The Tropical Island Resort goes the reverse way and soon will be offering both: Bathing outdoors and inside in each and every season.

The biggest swim paradise of Europe is getting better and better. But first the hard facts as a reminder: The former airship hall is 360 meters long, 210 metre wide and 107metres high. During the past ten years it has been changed and improved permanently. Since the grand opening in 2004 lots of theme village and temple landscape have been added such as faithful copies of Thailand, Borneo, Samoa and Bali. With a very remarkable Sauna-Resort, Gym, Child’s Paradise and numerous new built accommodation possibilities the progress of the company is yet impressive. Today, the number of clients is rising continuously, after a rather long period of stagnation. However, the overnight possibilities were built up and developed slowly and step by step.

The Tropical Island developed from a swimming hall with a few sleeping places to a hotel hall with bath and rain forrest. At last, the malaysian investor is earning money. 191 rooms and lodges in different construction sceneries offer space for 508 beds in 2 bed and 4 bed rooms in different categories with achievement and price. Besides, camping is also possible, either in-or outside.

After months of planning the foundation stone was laid on the 23rd of July for the yet to build outskirt area. On the south side of the „biggest tropical holiday world of Europe“ originates a 35,000 square metre undeveloped outskirt area from which 1 350 square metres will become water surface. „The water temperatures will be“, explains Janet Schulz of the press office of the Tropical Islands, „ between 28 and 32 degrees centigrade (°C).“ This corresponds to the water temperature of both washbasins in the cathedral, the “South Pacific” with 28 ° C and the “lagoon” with 32 ° C. The summer pool with three 25-metre roads will get one more swing grotto and a play of water place for children. Under the sun of Brandenburg glitter the already mounted high-grade steel walls. Also the a few metres high dunes for the windbreak are already put on.

Mrs. Schulz points at the works on the whole year pool which will provide with cervical showering, mineral water lying, Geysir, waterfall, current washbasin, jacuzzi, skill course for children and Lazy River-current canal. However, really the current becomes only wild in the Water River which becomes the longest current canal of Germany with 250 metres. It’s sheer lunacy! Within a short time the Brandenburg Tropical Islands is to be enjoyed really inside and outdoors in every weather.

The number of overnight stays shall be increased simultaneously. Therefore, the Mobile Homes park was extended on 83 places which stand on a part of the high-quality and six-hectare-camping place. Besides, also more than 50 summer cottages stand directly next to the Tropical Islands.

How will the Tropical Islands Resort develop? We will see and report in WELTEXPRESS!

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